New Wave Trap Beat: “Who Can I Trust?”

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   What’s good everyone? I wanted to do something that I’ve been sleeping on for a while but I feel will help you all know where my mind is at when I’m making Beats. With this New Wave Trap Beat “Who Can I trust?” I was thinking about all of the betrayal and backstabbing that has occured in my life let alone last year. People have interesting ways of showing you who they are….. Pay Attention! Not everybody is your friend and your friends are not for everybody. This Beat is for the likes of anyone that’s going through it in life or for anyone who is a voice to the voiceless.

   This New Wave Trap Beat has the southern bounce everyone is looking for as well as dark, airy, trippy noises complimented by my drums that go hard. I could see Lil Baby ft. Drake on this beat or Young Dolph ft. Moneybagg Yo on it. Maybe some autotune could be the foundation to any vocals i.e. hook or verse.

   Again I will posting more reviews like this for you all. Thanks in advance for your feedback and support. You can check me out on:

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Ugly God Type Beat x Beat Making Video x Trap Instrumental 2017

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Chance The Rapper Type Beat Instrumental

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Affordable Mastering Using Landr: Testimonial And Product Review

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This video is about Landr. I’ve been using Landr for well over a year to master all of my beats for sale. Landr’s algorithm makes for a fresh mastered track in roughly 7 minutes. This service is great for producers and artists who are in need of affordable mastering.

Background Music__

Mud Talk
The Love Reform

Note: You have to have a good mix, at least, for you to fully utilize the service provided. Landr  provides 3 intesity levels for you to pick out which one works best for you.

As I’m writing this they’ve just added a new feature where you can master all of your stems that make up a full track at the same time without you having to do so individually. This is definitely something I will be incorporating when I sell my beats for sale.

You can email these records fresh after getting them mastered to whomever you choose right from the platform itself as well dump it right into your soundcloud account.

With this service,  you can cancel at anytime. Basically you can subscribe on a per project basis.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. If you found this info useful please like, share and subscribe.

4 New Beats For Sale

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What’s going on y’all? I posted 4 new beats for sale for you to check out. All of the new beats below will evoke an emotion out of you. Take a listen and enjoy! Lease 3 Beats for $29.99 by going to the player here

Havoc – “Rhythm Roulette”

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Havoc is by far one of my favorite #Producers growing up. His ability to see beyond the sample and create something new, grimy, and awesome Beats is beyond dope. He’s definitely someone I’d like to meet and get game from. Be sure to check out my Beats.

New Beat For Sale: “Chess Moves” Review

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What’s going on y’all? I pray all is well with each and everyone of you. Peace and Blessings. I just uploaded 5 new beats for sale in which I wanted “Chess Moves” to be showcased. My idea behind it started with my love for Kanye West’s “New Slaves” see video below….

Though this Trap Beat for sale comes off a little light and has bounce to it, it still caters to its name as it has elements in which you can go off with wordplay and/or swag it out. I left enough room in the beat to make sure verses get heard as well as ad libs. I also made sure to have areas where I felt if you wanted to make a point or reference a current event as such, you could.

I also wanted to include a video on how to checkmate against an opponent in 2 moves:

I figured this could add an idea to any wordplay you choose. Everything we do as Artists require strategy and precision. It’s a must if we are to have any chance at making it in the music industry. I really wanted to elaborate on this beat because it’s not necessarily your typical Trap Beat. I always strive to make my beats as radio friendly as possible as well as maintain an edge to cater to the streets let alone the world.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this review of my Beat and thanks again for your continued support of Sean Blaque Productions, LLC.

Fame is more important than talent in the music industry?

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Multi-platinum rapper I-20 discusses rappers paying more for beats from famous producers, producers playing the same game, and rap being a “game of groupies and egos.”

Source: @DJPain1

Five Four Club: April 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Five Four Club: April 2016 Subscription Box Review

– I recommend this product for anyone who’s looking for an edge in their wardrobe.

– The four styles to choose from are:

3-Casual (This is still my recommended look)
– I have been subscribed to the Five Four Club for 7 months now.

– I really am in love with this particular subscription box. It’s almost like an addiction but most importantly it’s an investment.

– The one thing I will say is make sure you follow the washing and drying directions for the longevity of your clothes received. I think I messed up one of my henleys and it shrunk so I’m gonna give it to someone smaller than I, LOL.

Anchoring About Proverbs 12:11

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If you have a smartphone and/or iPhone, download the #Anchor app on your phone and follow me @Seanblaque to hear more of my podcasts. Check out what I had to say about Proverbs 12:11 on Anchor Fm. Click here to listen in. Thanks again y’all. The pop beat in the background was produced by me if you all were wondering. If interested in it let me know.

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