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Ugly God Type Beat x Beat Making Video x Trap Instrumental 2017

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Chance The Rapper Type Beat Instrumental

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4 New Beats For Sale

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What’s going on y’all? I posted 4 new beats for sale for you to check out. All of the new beats below will evoke an emotion out of you. Take a listen and enjoy! Lease 3 Beats for $29.99 by going to the player here

New Beat For Sale: “Chess Moves” Review

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What’s going on y’all? I pray all is well with each and everyone of you. Peace and Blessings. I just uploaded 5 new beats for sale in which I wanted “Chess Moves” to be showcased. My idea behind it started with my love for Kanye West’s “New Slaves” see video below….

Though this Trap Beat for sale comes off a little light and has bounce to it, it still caters to its name as it has elements in which you can go off with wordplay and/or swag it out. I left enough room in the beat to make sure verses get heard as well as ad libs. I also made sure to have areas where I felt if you wanted to make a point or reference a current event as such, you could.

I also wanted to include a video on how to checkmate against an opponent in 2 moves:

I figured this could add an idea to any wordplay you choose. Everything we do as Artists require strategy and precision. It’s a must if we are to have any chance at making it in the music industry. I really wanted to elaborate on this beat because it’s not necessarily your typical Trap Beat. I always strive to make my beats as radio friendly as possible as well as maintain an edge to cater to the streets let alone the world.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this review of my Beat and thanks again for your continued support of Sean Blaque Productions, LLC.

Sean Falyon “Trying To Live” Ft. Teresa Jenee

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What’s going on world? I hope life has been been serving you all well. First I would like to give out my deepest apology for my site(s) being down for so long. Life was trying to whoop my ass in the digital world. I had to shut down let alone erase files from my sites to get this one back up. Thank you haters for embedding Malware…. smh. In any case the homie Sean Falyon Ft. Teresa Jenee got a banger “Trying To Live” which I produced and am a heavily supporter of (Its Dope For Real). Make sure you check it out and let me know what you think about it via Twitter. Also for all Artists looking for Beats check out my Beat page here. Thank you all for your continued support online and offline. I definitely got more to come. PLAY WIT IT!